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Oscar Mager is the Founder and a Talent Acquisition Specialist at Evertalent. With over fifteen years of experience in the international recruiting space, he founded Evertalent to help established organisations and startups hire amazing people, innovate their hiring strategy and implement advanced recruitment technology.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Projects include longer term in-house full cycle recruitment projects and short term, dedicated talent sourcing assignments for individual roles, as well as recruitment consulting and training.

Having worked extensively on hiring senior talent for innovative consumer electronics brands like Sonos and TomTom, as well as for companies in Augmented Reality, Transportation, Law Practice, Railroad Manufacture, Banking & Financial Services and many others, Oscar has developed a vast network and a strong understanding of talent requirements for a wide range of industries.


  • In-house full life-cycle recruitment across multiple teams;
  • Setting up recruitment (people, process & technology);
  • Recruitment strategy (re-)design and delivery;
  • Direct sourcing and talent pipeline building;
  • In-house executive search, building leadership teams;
  • Hiring EMEA country (sales and marketing) teams in high growth scenarios;
  • International high-volume recruiting;
  • Recruitment coaching & training;
  • Recruitment technology innovation and implementation, vendor selection;
  • Recruitment branding.

Recruitment Technology Startups

Having a huge interest and passion for both innovative recruitment technology and startups, Oscar also advises recruitment technology startups on product features, differentiation, positioning and hiring, as well as identifying business opportunities, partnerships and investors.