Recruiting Consultancy

At Evertalent we have extensive experience innovating the hiring function of growing organisations. Change has become the new normal, technology irreversibly disrupts the way we hire, a new generation enters the workforce, attitudes towards work change fundamentally and work has become more global than ever. 

Inevitably, all these changes require a different approach in how we engage with talent throughout the entire recruitment value chain.

We help make your recruitment strategy future proof and we develop and execute robust talent acquisition programs, partnering with business leaders, key business stakeholders and HR generalists to meet current and future demands, aligned with the business strategy.

We can help:

  • Design, implement and manage innovative and integrated talent acquisition programs, partnering with talent acquisition leaders, recruiters, sourcers, talent experience specialists and coordinators globally to meet strategic direction of the TA team.

  • Identify opportunities and develop programs to improve overall efficiency, effectiveness and candidate engagement, such as quality-of-hire, hiring manager satisfaction, referral programs and candidate experience programs.

  • Optimise the entire recruitment process and deliver a best in class in-house talent acquisition function.

  • Evaluate current recruiting tools & technology, and explore and implement innovative recruiting techniques and technologies to improve talent acquisition output.

  • Evaluate relationships with third party suppliers, including recruitment agencies and executive search firms. Reduce dependence on third party recruiters, developing in-house sourcing methodologies to identify and engage with high calibre candidates directly.

  • Develop solid recruiting analytics for management reporting and monitoring recruitment ROI.

  • Structure the entire recruitment value chain from talent identification to on-boarding.

Contact us directly to discuss your specific requirements in more detail.