We successfully design, manage and execute
your hiring strategy. In-house.

Evertalent can be hired for both short term and long term assignments to act as a dedicated onsite Contract Recruiter, making you instantly benefit from extensive experience in global hiring across many different industries. 

Over the past years, clients have partnered with us to:

  • Fill a gap when looking for a permanent recruiter, help hiring permanent staff for the recruitment team and ensuring business continuity.

  • Temporary increase their recruiting efforts for multiple hire requirements, such as establishing country (sales & marketing) teams to rapidly scale their operation;

  • Reduce third-party recruiting costs and contingency fees, build in-house recruiting intelligence and develop talent sourcing and talent pipeline capabilities;

  • Add temporarily expertise and improve the in-house recruiting function;

  • Develop strong talent pipelines for future roles or succession planning, significantly reducing time-to-hire;

  • Make existing recruiting teams more flexible, allowing increase or decrease depending on business needs or seasonal variations;

  • Increase performance and improve hiring manager satisfaction providing extra support and a more dedicated approach for their requirements;

  • Significantly improve candidate experience;

  • Fill a performance gap resulting of temporary leave or absence of recruitment team members;

  • Meet project deadlines, design hiring process, implement or switch Applicant Tracking Systems, create talent sourcing strategies.

No matter what your recruitment need is, we will tailor our approach to design, implement and run a hiring strategy that will connect you with the best people.