We believe in Hiring Excellence

With 15+ years of hands-on experience in hiring global talent, we excel in finding and bringing on board the best people. We help design and implement efficient and data-driven recruitment strategies, leveraging innovative technology to provide the best experience to both candidates and hiring managers. Our experience covers talent services for both startups and established businesses, in a wide range of industries and many different roles.

At Evertalent we know for getting the most talented people, standard recruitment solutions are just inadequate. On average only 10 percent of relevant and experienced talent is actively looking for a role at any given moment in time. That means that 90 percent of candidates relevant for your roles is not engaged in job searches at all. The best candidates typically amongst them. This doesn't mean they're not open to discuss interesting opportunities.

Proactive Recruitment

Waiting for people to apply on job postings is not a strategy. Our approach to connect your organisation with talented people is all about proactive recruiting techniques. We design sourcing strategies, improve employer branding, build talent pipelines and fine-tune your recruitment process to deliver the ultimate candidate experience. We closely collaborate with hiring managers, to understand their current and future requirements, and advise and assist them in the entire hiring process. We educate hiring teams and train people to select the best. We make sure you have a winning hiring strategy to connect your company with the best people.

People determine whether or not your business will be successful. We hire the best and like yourself, we don't settle for less. 

EMEA Contract Recruitment & Talent Sourcing

We typically work on (in-house) contract recruitment assignments and talent sourcing projects across Europe. Centrally located in The Netherlands, we are in the heart of the EMEA region and only 15 minutes away from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, giving us easy access to offices in all of the major cities in the EMEA region. Some of our international clients have their EMEA Headquarters based in The Netherlands and local offices in the surrounding countries, others run their EMEA operation from headquarters in London, Paris, Berlin or Munich with local teams based elsewhere in Europe. Whether you are located in the Netherlands or in other EMEA countries, in all cases we make sure to stay connected and work with local teams, to provide them with hiring excellence.

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