Technology fundamentally changes the way we hire. At light speed.

Technology is rapidly changing the face of recruitment. The Fourth Industrial Revolution has started and is not only affecting manufacturing technologies.  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have entered the recruitment space and will significantly impact the way we hire talent. Startups with intelligent new recruitment technology products see the light of day every single day. With the current pace of innovation, your corporate recruiting function could become obsolete within as few as 18 months.

Recruitment Technology Update

We help your recruiting team to get an understanding of how technology is impacting hiring and how to stay ahead of emerging trends in recruitment. In a half-day in-company workshop we take a deep dive into the main technological developments every recruitment professional should be aware of and we cover some of the latest tools changing the recruitment landscape. The workshop will be concluded with an interactive discussion on how your business should leverage these tools and take advantage of the technological developments presented.

With Evertalent continuously beta testing new recruitment products, we are able to provide you with fresh insights on the latest technologies and industry trends, connect you with new solutions in the recruitment value chain and take your recruitment team to a higher level of awareness.

Recruitment Technology Consult

For tailored advice about embedding recruitment technology products into your recruitment process, whether for sourcing, recruiting, engaging, on-boarding or designing the entire recruitment value chain for your organisation, please contact use to make an advisory appointment.