Finding the best is what
makes us tick

Finding good candidates often can be a challenging exercise. Finding the best using proactive recruiting techniques requires an even more specific skill set, combining a deep expertise in uncovering potential candidates in harder to reach places, strong knowledge of specific sourcing tools and often a strong technical understanding of search engines, Internet research and even dark matter. Not every recruiter makes a great talent sourcer.

Evertalent excels in Talent Sourcing and we help proactively identify and engage with talent, not only to fill current vacancies but also to build talent pipelines for future positions and strategic hiring projects. We are part of a highly skilled group of globally connected sourcing professionals, and continuously update our sourcing expertise and tool sets to help you connect with the best candidates for your business.

Tailored approach

Whilst our Contract Recruitment services usually take place on-site with our clients, our Talent Sourcing activities are relatively independent of the time of day and location, making us even more flexible in connecting you with talent in any time zone. We can be of assistance for both short term assignments for individual roles and longer running strategic projects for multiple hires. Our Talent Sourcing projects generally require a very tailor-made approach, please contact us to further discuss your specific requirements.