We help you hire better.


At Evertalent we live and and breathe recruitment. Having extensive expertise in global talent acquisition, both agency and in-house, we understand how talented people determine the success of your business. We help identify and attract the best to build amazing teams and make great brands. But we also provide insight in hiring trends and recruitment technology developments to help improve and innovate recruitment.


talent services

Your business is rapidly expanding and getting the right talent on board is of crucial importance. We provide in-house recruitment and talent sourcing services to hire amazing teams. 


We have extensive experience innovating the hiring function of organisations. Change has become the new normal and we help make your recruitment strategy future proof.


Technology is rapidly changing the face of recruitment. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have entered the recruitment space and will significantly impact how to attract talent.


Over the past years Evertalent has successfully contributed to hiring extremely talented individuals and improving the recruiting function for a wide range of clients in different industries. Our clients include wehkamp (Online Retail), Staples Solutions (Business Supplies), TomTom (Consumer Electronics), Blippar (Augmented Reality), Sonos, Inc. (Wireless Audio), Houthoff Buruma (Law Firm), NS (Dutch Railways), De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek (Law Firm), ProRail (Railway Infrastructure) and Rabobank International (Financial Services). We also work with startups, some of them in the recruiting space, helping scale their teams and build exciting and innovative recruitment technology.